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Installing the monitoring system of Transport and fuel Consumption Glonass - an efficient tool for monitoring and control of Transport in Real-time, Accurately Reflects fuel Consumption, routing parameters and work Vehicles. To Determine the Location of the installed system we use Satellite Technology GLONASS monitoring and GPS.

The system works Glonass

Component Interaction for Glonass Satellite monitoring system Should be known to the Only Server connection settings (IP address or domain name and port). These parameters are Given by Glonass Center on Request, All Components are installed in the GLONASS system DURING Installation, and can be changed by the user or integrator.

Glonass recorder installed on the controlled vehicle and provides a survey and collection of data in the internal nonvolatile memory with the following modules and external devices: speed sensor, speed sensor (tachometer) terminal of the ignition key, the fuel level sensor LLS, GPS ( GLONASS-GPS) module, reader iButton, additional equipment, fuel dispensing counter (for tanker), panic button, etc.

All types and for Modifications registrar Glonass. Coverage When in the area of GSM Networks Glonass recorder establishes the connection with the Communication Server and the Server Transmits Data from Centre A Glonass internal memory with A predetermined period. The Communication Server stores the received Data in the database Glonass.

Glonass to Modify Recorders have the special ability to disable Special Data Transmission channels and priority setting Data channels When setting receptionist using GLONASS A Specialized program. Data transfer is one of the Three channels of Communication:

1. Data is transmitted wirelessly to Wi-Fi media server using an access point Wi-Fi, connected to the Internet.

2. Data is Transmitted Via GPRS to the main Channel of Communication Server or local Media Server using the network of GSM. Transferring Data GPRS Channel is Organized similarly to Other Modifications receptionist Glonassai Described below.

3. Data is transmitted wirelessly to Wi-Fi local media server using an access point Wi-Fi, which has no connection to the Internet.

Server software Glonassobrabatyvaet findings, generates reports and sends them over the Internet or LAN to PC.

Installation of Glonass in Rostov-on-Don

Installation Systems Glonass-installation of software and hardware system, designed to collect information from various vehicles, including tracking their location, collecting and providing this information in a convenient form for analysis staff dispatching points.

Installing the GLONASS system allows full control and optimization of the fleet of vehicles, thereby reducing the cost of its operation.

SistemaGlonasssostoit sets of equipment, which is installed on the controlled vehicle, and analytical software server Glonass Center.

Main application system Glonass-Mining, construction, Agricultural, logging and Other companies. Glonass system can be mounted on or river Rail Transport Route Vehicles, Special Vehicles, Machines, Special Services.

Registrar Glonass used on vehicles operated in the "home network", and is in roaming coverage GSM-communication.

Installing Glonass system to accomplish the following:

  • Account the parameters of vehicles enterprise, identifying the facts of misuse, such as the operation of the engine at high loads and speeding
  • Analysis of fuel controlled vehicles, identifying the facts high or low flow, fixing deviations from norms of expenditure
  • Control locations and itineraries controlled vehicles, identifying the "left" flights
  • Time analysis of machines controlled fleet, identifying idle and waste
  • Analysis of groups of vehicles, comparing the parameters of individual vehicles in the group
  • Control of additional equipment and actuators

Universal macshtabiruemost Glonass systems adapt to allow any goals and objectives, be it a small or a large trucking company, which has in its fleet of hundreds or even thousands of pieces of equipment.

As your business grows and increasing the fleet there is a connection of new vehicles to the monitoring system Glonass, without the cost of upgrading software and hardware component.

Tasks to control the parameters of the vehicle and events in Glonass geozones

· Analysis of the Consumption of fuel Vehicles, Identifying the Facts of High or Low Flow, recording Deviations from the Norms of Consumption. Revealing the Facts fuel Theft or Fraud with HIM.

· Control renditions fuel refueler.

· Control of the engine.

· Installation of equipment for GLONASS identifying the facts of the engine at low or high speeds, leading to a decrease in engine life,

· Installation of equipment for detection Glonass facts sytem motor vehicle when parked, reflecting misallocation vehicle.

· Control speed mode, revealing facts movement of the vehicle speeding.

· Control path, location and transport routes that identify unauthorized flights and fraud with mileage.

· Analysis of Time vehicles fleet downtime and identify irrational use.

· Analysis of groups of vehicles, comparing the parameters of individual vehicles in the group.

· Analysis of the drivers.

· Analysis of visits and events in the geofence created.

· Monitor the status of the alarm button. Allows to Inform the User of an installed system Glonass Emergency.

Tasks to control additional operating parameters of the vehicle:

· Installation of equipment for GLONASS Engine temperature control. Reveals Facts Engine overheating or VEHICLE Operating Facts on the Engine not warm, leading to Costly Repairs or reduce Engine Life.

· Control of additional attachments. Allows you to Determine uptime, downtime and analyze the rationality of the use of additional equipment. Control modes produced by Engine Speed ​​options.

· Installation Glonass equipment to control the Position of the equipment or machinery Upper Bodies working. Allows for the analysis of ad time.

· Installation Glonass control equipment for Lifting / lowering of the tipper body. Allows you to count the number of flights and the ASSESS Made Volume of Transported cargo.

· Installation of control equipment hatch Opening of the Neck of the tank. Helps Prevent Fraud Other Transported fuel or liquids, such as siphoning, Dilution, contamination.

The composition of the installed system Glonass

Glonass-recorder device is installed on the VEHICLE That or stationary fuel and Storage Provides for the collection, processing, Storage and Transmission of Data Communications servers. Depending on the VEHICLE A controlled system in Omnicomm following types are installed Registrars Glonass: Glonass receptionist GalileoSky v2 .8, receptionist Glonass GalileoSky v5.0, receptionist Glonass GalileoSky v5.1, receptionist Glonass Navitrek UM-4, Glonass Gipard receptionist, receptionist Glonass OmnicommOptim, receptionist Glonass OmnicommProfi, receptionist Glonass OmnicommLight.

Glonass Communication Server. Glonass Communication Server Server installed in the Company's Glonass Center, and for the collection and Storage of Data received from the receptionist Glonass and Distribution of Data Between Software.

ON Glonass Center - analytical server that provides analytical data processing, and generates reports received and processed data.

Fuel level sensor LLS20160-is designed to measure the fuel level in the fuel tanks of vehicles and stationary fuel storage, converting it into digital code and issue its Glonass receptionist.

Level sensor LLS20230 fuel-is designed to measure the fuel in the fuel Level of Tanks Vehicles and stationary fuel Storage, Converting it into Digital code, and Issuing His receptionist Glonass. Fuel Level sensor LLS 20230 is set to special types of vehicles or stationary fuel Depots and Tanks, Which are of explosion Protection Requirements. Protection Is marked "0EhiaIIBT6X."

ToplivaLLD-Volume Indicator is designed to display VEHICLE Speed ​​and the amount of fuel in one or two of the Tanks VEHICLE. Is not A mandatory Component for the GLONASS system.

satellite-based monitoring and data collection vehicles

Glonass system collects and analyzes data from the following vehicle depending on the setting of the registrar:

· Top speed (km / h);

· Engine speed (vol. / Min.)

· On / off the ignition;

· Board voltage (V);

· Geographic coordinates (latitude, longitude);

· Height (m) (ellipsoid WGS 84);

· The direction of movement (rate);

· State of panic button.

· The level of fuel in the fuel tanks (l);

· Additional control equipment connected to one universal input.

· The level of fuel in the tank (L);

• the volume of fuel dispensed (l).

· Data from the CAN-bus;

· Additional control equipment (up to 4);

· Data from a digital camera;

· The level of fuel in the fuel tanks (L) on the testimony of six fuel level sensor LLS or a fuel level sensor LLS-AF.

Data transfer to PC Users

· Data on the communication server using GSM wireless network or Wi-Fi.

· Transfer data to local media server using a wireless Wi-Fi network, or GSM.

· Data on the communication server using GSM wireless network for all types of recorder Glonass.

· Transfer data to local media server through a wired channel recorder for Glonass.

Communication Server and distributes the Transmits Data to the Software Center Glonass Via the Internet, if Part of the VEHICLE in the Management Server Data transfer is enabled. If the VEHICLE is disabled for Data transfer or set A Planned Break in Data Transmission, the KS stores data

PC via a LAN or the Internet connects to GLONASS software and provides access to the records.

Analytical processing and reporting

Analytical Data is processed using Software Glonass Center, Which the User's Request on the basis of Data received from the COP realizes formation linked statements, Including statements About the Location map and Route of the VEHICLE. ON Glonass Center Allows you to Add additional Reports, while its reinstallation is required.

ON Glonass Center supports four types of reports: diagrammatic, tabular, graphical and map.


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